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The Botshabelo Project is Hand & Heart’s first project, and was founded in December 2007. It all started with watching *** the documentary called “Angels in the Dust”, which lead to a visit to the Botshabelo Aids Orphanage in Magaliesburg, South Africa.

While on the visit, an idea was born to start a project that would raise money to improve the living conditions of children living at Botshabelo Orphanage. Today it is no longer an idea, but a successful project, run by students and adults in the U.S, dedicated to supporting and improving the community of Botshabelo.

Botshabelo is also one of the first communities that Hand & Heart will send volunteers to, as part of its “Community Link” Program. This Program is one of the means through which Hand & Heart will accomplish its mission and goals. “Community Link” is a social-exchange program for mainly students living in the United States. Hand & Heart initiates and facilitates the process of linking the American student community with communities that are experiencing great need and hardship. The real success, however, will be the end results and byproducts of this linking process. This success is what we call “The Linking Effect”. The effects will not only be the successful accomplishment of Hand & Heart’s mission, but also the development of international friendships, mutual understanding, respect, and unimaginable potential and hope for the future!

Our fundraising efforts are based out of the U.S. and 100% of all proceeds , will go towards transforming Botshabelo, starting Summer 2011.

2011 -Trip to Botshabelo, South Africa.

We will be linking American students at University of Washington with the communitiy of Botshabelo, and allowing   them to work with the members in the community, and together, start the transformation process.

The goal is to meet the community’s most basic needs first, and then move on to the other needs. The first priority, therefore, is food. The goal is to implement new food producing sources that can easily be sustained by members in the community.

Pre-Departure Training Course

All volunteers, prior to departure, will take a 6 months Pre-Training course!   There will be six sessions, specifically created to make sure that each volunteer is prepared and trained at the date of departure, so that they can enter the community confident and clear  about our mission, goals, and how to go about achieving them alongside the members in the community.   They will be prepared to emerge into the community, and train the members successfully.
Pre-departure course will include:
  • Foreign Language Instruction
  • Cultural Awareness
  • History
  • Our Action Plan, and Goals.
  • Community Training
  • Safety



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