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Find out more and view pictures of our past projects by clicking below!

Huskies 4 Botshabelo Project 2011

IMG_2521Following our few months of fundraising, I met the group of 24 University of Washington students and our Professor in South Africa and we traveled to South Africa for the anticipated big day at Botshabelo.  We gave the kids an incredible day. Click here to read more…



Huskies 4 Botshabelo Project Fundraiser 2011

The Botshabelo Project is Hand & Heart’s first project, and was founded in September of 2008. It all started with watching the documentary called “Angels in the Dust”, which lead to a visit to Botshabelo Aids Orphanage in Magaliesburg, South Africa.   While on the visit, an idea was born to start a project that would raise money to improve the living conditions of the orphaned children living at Botshabelo AIDS Orphanage. Today it is no longer an idea, but a successful project that has been ongoing since 2008.   Our current project involves 24 students, 1 Professor, and 1 Adviser all   from University of Washington, 24 people in South Africa, and Hand & Heart.   It is completely student-run in the U.S.   From now until August when we will be traveling to South Africa and to the Orphanage as a group, we are raising and gathering as much stuff as possible for the fun day we will be having at the orphanage on Aug 28th as well as things they need most.   To learn more or find out how to get involved, Click here to read more…

Yuri’s Kid’s Day 2011

H&H Ambassador, Yuri Bojorquez, returned once again to Botshabelo AIDS Orphanage early 2011 to volunteer at the orphanage and put on her annual Mexican Kid’s Day Event Party at the Orphanage for the second time.   Yuri’s first visit to the orphanage was in 2009, when H&H created an opportunity for her to go volunteer at the orphanage.   Yuri completely fell in love with the community, kids and staff at Botshabelo.   Since the first day she left the orphanage back in 2009, Yuri has worked endlessly to return to the Orphanage and vowed to herself that she will return and will give the kids another Mexican Kids Day Celebration Party, as the first one she gave in 2009 was such a huge success.   Yuri could not return in 2010 but did fundraise and create an incredible opportunity for a few of the kids at the Orphanage to travel to Thailand for a Youth Event.   Yuri finally was able to return to the orphanage again this year.   She once again made such a lasting positive impact during her time at the orphanage and gave the orphanage their second mexican themed Kid’s Day Celebration Event!   We are so proud of Yuri as she continues to be an amazing ambassador to Hand & Heart!   We are excited to continue watching Yuri’s journey unfold.

Yuri’s Kid’s Day 2009

H&H Ambassador, Yuri Bojorquez, born and raised in Mexico, took an extended travel and volunteering break from her everyday life in Canada to travel the world and live at Botshabelo Aids Orphanage in South Africa for 3 months. While at the Orphanage, Yuri exceeded all of our expectations. Yuri not only became an incredible teacher, nurturer, and friend to the kids at the Orphanage, she also grew very attached to the staff and orphanage as a whole. While at the Orphanage, Yuri started her own tradition, which she has been repeating and will continue to repeat every year. This tradition is a kids celebration day that she makes her own by adding her very own unique Mexican flare to it. The kids at the Orphanage know Yuri as the Pinata lady and look forward to her visit every year! The kids get to make awesome Pinatas and explore the deeper meaning behind the Mexican Pinata Tradition, which is facing all your fears, frustrations and anger by smacking a pinata, so that you can break all these negative feelings and then open the doors for blessings (candy) to poor into your life and fall from the Pinatas. Yuri has touched the hearts of many individuals at the Orphanage and here at Hand & Heart and we are so proud of her, she represents Hand & Heart so beautifully! Click here to read more about Yuri’s Kid’s Day…

Gardening Initiative 2009

Hand & Heart partnered with 3 other businesses in South Africa and over 40 volunteers and ran a weekend long educational farming initiative at Botshabelo Orphanage. Our goal was to teach the staff and kids at Botshabelo Orphanage cost effective farming techniques and in the process fill the empty greenhouses at the orphanage with fresh new veggies and plants. While the older kids were hands-on learning the techniques and farming, the little ones were watching and learning and also painting veggies and being taught basic nutrition facts. The project was a huge success and was filmed and written about in local newspapers. Hand & Heart and our partners supplied all the materials needed for the weekend and donated plenty of much needed supplies and products to the orphanage to use and consume. It was a great weekend and we had lots of fun! Click to read more about the Gardening Initiative…

X-mas Celebration 2008

Hand & Heart gathered up volunteers and resources to give the kids at Botshabelo Aids Orphanage a Christmas they will never forget. The thought that some kids have to sit and watch other kids get presents and have a great Christmas while their families or situations simply don’t allow for it, is heart wrenching and something Hand & Heart knew it could do something about, and so we did. We gave the kids and staff at Botshabelo Orphanage, who otherwise would not have been able to afford a Christmas Celebration, a day to remember. There were jumping castles, water worms, barbeque, lots of candy, presents, good music, dancing and lots and lots of smiles everywhere! This might not have been a substantial or sustainable philanthropic project, but to the kids at the orphanage, it was substantial and sustainable in a sense that they will have this memory forever. We had so much fun planning and throwing this event at the orphanage. We started with nothing and with a little bit of effort from all our team members, we were able to not only give the kids an awesome day but also give the orphanage a lot of items they really needed at that point. Overall, this was just a really fun event, and something that enriched everyone’s Christmas and brought lots of smiles. Click here read more about the X-Mas Event…

Art Project 2008

Hand & Heart fundraised and collected a lot of art supplies and then for a whole weekend went to Botshabelo Orphanage with a big team of volunteers and ran a fun art campaign at the Orphanage. The goal was to enable the kids to get in touch with their artistic side and to use their own hands to generate future income for their community in the form of painting/jewelry sales. We brought back lots of paintings and jewelry made by the kids, and whatever gets sold, that money belongs and is given to Botshabelo Orphanage, either in the form of money, serivies or goods. Overall it was really great to enabled the kids to express themselves in something some of them have never been able to do before. Click here to read more…





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