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The African Cypher | SIFF

Posted by Nandie on March - 12 - 2014 0 Comment

I am so inspired by this video…it goes so well with what dance means to me.

A Special Wedding…

Posted by Nandie on March - 12 - 2014 0 Comment

Went to a wedding this Saturday! It was the wedding of one of the students that were in our study abroad group in Vietnam. He fell in love with a girl in Vietnam while we were there and finally sealed the deal this past Saturday!!!! 14 of the 18 students that studied together in Vietnam for 2 months, showed up at the wedding, along with our Professor who took us!  [ Read More ]

Our Study Abroad experience 2010!

Posted by Nandie on March - 12 - 2014 0 Comment

Here is a video of the Study Abroad Experience in South Africa that I got to be part of Sept 2010! One of the girls in the group made this compilation video filled with lots of great info, pics, and videos of the whole experience! It truly was an incredible experience for me to have the opportunity to be a ‘tourist’ in my own country! I learned so much and  [ Read More ]

Africa of Opportunity

Posted by admin on March - 7 - 2010 0 Comment

Three days ago I was invited to be the guest speaker at a Lions International event. After my speech, this wonderful lady came up to me and told me about this American student, named Ian Edelstein, who went to South Africa a year ago and stumbled upon a very passionate South African named Nyameko Gabada, from the township of Philippi right outside of Cape Town.   Nyameko had a dream and  [ Read More ]

Watch this clip, promise it will be worth your time… “It is not the strongest of the species that survives,nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Darwin Just wanted to highlight a few things from this talk… Just wanted to again highlight the definition of Disabled: adjective: “crippled, helpless, useless, wrecked, stalled, maimed, wounded, mangled, lame, mutilated, rundown, worn-out,  [ Read More ]

Yuri’s South African Kids Day at Botshabelo Orphanage, May 2009 H&H Ambassador, Yuri Bojorquez, born and raised in Mexico, took an extended travel and volunteering break from her everyday life in Canada to travel the world and live at Botshabelo Aids Orphanage in South Africa for 3 months. While at the Orphanage, Yuri exceeded all of our expectations. Yuri not only became an incredible teacher, nurturer, and friend to the  [ Read More ]

The Gardening Initiative, April 2009

Posted by admin on April - 30 - 2009 0 Comment

The Gardening Initiative, April 2009 Hand & Heart partnered with 3 other businesses in South Africa and over 40 volunteers and ran a weekend long educational farming initiative at Botshabelo Orphanage.   Our goal was to teach the staff and kids at Botshabelo Orphanage cost effective farming techniques and in the process fill the empty greenhouses at the orphanage with fresh new veggies and plants.   While the older kids were hands-on  [ Read More ]

H&H Christmas Celebration at Botshabelo Orphanage, Dec 2008

Hand & Heart gathered up volunteers and resources to give the kids at Botshabelo Aids Orphanage a Christmas they will never forget. The thought that some kids have to sit and watch other kids get presents and have a great Christmas while their families or situations simply don’t allow for it, is heart wrenching and something Hand & Heart knew it could do something about, and so we did. We  [ Read More ]


Posted by admin on December - 2 - 2008 0 Comment

As a continuation of our celebration of World AIDS Day, Hand & Heart is holding a fundraiser for Botshabelo Aids Orphanage in South Africa, on Dec 2nd. The goal is to raise money and awareness about AIDS, it’s effects and link to the growing number of Orphans, and about Botshabelo in general. Please come to our fundraiser. There will be a screening of the documentary called “Angels in the Dust”,  [ Read More ]

World AIDS Day

Posted by admin on December - 1 - 2008 0 Comment

This day, is a day dedicated to the struggle of AIDS victims. Let’s take this time and celebrate all those who have lived, and are living with AIDS. It should be our mission to let those living with this disease know that they are not alone in their struggle. There are thousands of people actively working every day on finding a cure for this disease. There are also thousands more  [ Read More ]


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