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#HobbyPhilanthropy   #Voluntourism

Hand & Heart is a registered 501(c)3 Public Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the mobilization of resources and support for individuals and communities that are unable to fully prosper due to illness, disability, inequality, injustice and the violation of their human rights. The core of our being is to create and grow the notion of #HobbyPhilanthropy – changing the world and making a difference through your favorite hobby or passion. This notion enables changemakers to focus their efforts and creates a natural and intrinsically motivating connection between cause and volunteer/donor. We then practice what we preach by combining this with #Voluntourism, traveling to a country for fun but giving back and learning while you are there, our founder’s number one hobby and passion. We create opportunities to link worthy hobby-centered causes in developing countries with changemakers, voluntourists and philanthropists who shares the cause’s love or passion for that specific hobby. Click here to read to read the full version of our “What, How and Why” Vision & Philosophy...


#MakeADifferenceHobby        #MakeADifferenceTravel

Click here to go through our fun excercise and become a hobby philanthropist in a few clicks!       Click here to explore and perhaps sign up for our Make a Difference Travel Programs to South Africa!


#FunInspires    #FunWorks   #FunIsSustainable


 Watch Hand & Heart’s young founder, Nandie Oosthuizen, be interviewed by Joe Jonas on the Young Leaders of Social Change Panel at We Day Seattle 2014.

Our Founder Bio Film which was put together by AFP when Nandie won the 2007 AFP Youth Philanthropist of the Year Award for Washington State


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